Dr. Craig Responde

Toda semana (mais especificamente, toda segunda-feira) o Dr. William Lane Craig publica em seu sítio oficial uma “Questão da Semana”. Lá o Dr. Craig responde a dúvidas e questionamentos enviados pelos seus leitores. Várias “Questões da Semana” já foram traduzidas para o português. Abaixo, um índice.

(Aproveite este índice para evitar traduzir o que já foi traduzido por outra pessoa, e concentre seus esforços em materiais ainda não traduzidos.)

191 A Descrença é Culpável?
190 O Argumento Cosmológico de Leibniz
189 Debate com Dawkins no México
188 Morality Based in Rationality
187 O Conhecimento Exige Certeza?
186 The Witness of the Pre-Pauline Tradition to the Empty Tomb
185 Scientific Proof of Mathematical Truths?
184 Must the Cause of the Universe Be Personal, Redux
183 Is God Simple?
182 Is the Cause of the Universe an Uncaused, Personal Creator of the Universe, who sans the Universe Is Beginningless, Changeless, Immaterial, Timeless, Spaceless, and Enormously Powerful?
181 Hawking and Mlodinow: Philosophical Undertakers
180 Hawking and Mlodinow’s Grand Design
179 Is Life Absurd without God?
178 Was Jesus Crucified on a Cross?
177 Perfect Being Theology
176 True Love
175 Irrelevant Scholarship
174 Finitude of Space
173 Argumentação e Lógica
172 A Criação Beneficia o Perdido?
171 Critérios Para um Bom Argumento
170 Tantos Ateus, Tão Pouco Tempo
169 Barabbas
168 Beginning to Exist
167 Counterfeit Claims to the Witness of the Spirit
166 Amor e Justiça na Trindade
165 Does Theistic Ethics Derive an “Ought” from an “Is”?
164 The Trinity and God’s Omni- Attributes
163 Past and Future in the Kalam Cosmological Argument
162 Information Overload
161 Ajuste Fino do Universo e Vida Inteligente
160 Thallus on the Darkness at Noon
159 Does the Ontological Argument Beg the Question?
158 RF Gear and the Return of Christ
157 Troubled by Calvinists
156 How to Write a Question of the Week
155 Sobre a Arte de Debater
154 Lightning Strikes Again
153 Lightning Round
152 O Que Significa Ter um Relacionamento com Deus?
151 Molinism and Evangelism
150 Avoiding Apostasy
149 Man’s Worth and the Size of the Universe
148 Causalidade e Espaço-Tempo
147 Moralidade Ordenada por Deus e Voluntarismo
146 A Morte de Deus e a Morte de Cristo
145 Atheist Reaction to “In Intellectual Neutral”
144 Necessary Existence and the Ontological Argument
143 A Sabedoria Contemporânea e a Ressurreição de Jesus
142 Conhecimento Médio e Eleição Divina
141 God and Abstract Objects
140 Defenders Series II
139 Mistaken Identity
138 Divine Sovereignty and Quantum Indeterminism
137 Lightning Round
136 O Espírito Santo como Testemunho Intrínseco de Veracidade
135 Reservations about Some Theistic Arguments
134 Nature’s Flaws and Cruelties
133 É Possível Fazer Alguém Amá-lo, Mesmo Sendo Todo Poderoso?
132 Leibniz’s Cosmological Argument and the PSR
131 God as the Cause of the Universe
130 Unresolved Obstacles to Becoming a Christian
129 A Jewish Man Considers Jesus
128 Getting Your Head around the Christian Faith
127 Is a Beginningless Past Actually Infinite?
126 Design Inferences and Familiarity
125 Divine Eternity and Intra-Trinitarian Relations
124 Misconceptions about Middle Knowledge
123 Is the Islamic Conception of God Morally Inadequate?
122 Penal Theory of the Atonement
121 Fine-Tuning and Improbability
120 Conselhos Práticos sobre Casamento
119 God and Mind/Body Dualism
118 God’s Necessity
117 Objections to the Causal Principle
116 Can Kagan Deliver Objective Moral Values and Duties?
115 Papai Noel, Fada do Dente e Deus
114 Is God Morally Praiseworthy?
113 Animal Suffering
112 Trinity and Incarnation
111 Divine Simplicity
110 Does the Evidence Prove Jesus’ Resurrection?
109 Pruss on Forming an Actual Infinite by Successive Addition
108 Omniscience and Actual Infinity
107 Ancient Israelite Polytheism?
106 Deus é Verdadeiramente Infinito?
105 Ateísmo: Uma Crença Sem Esperança
104 Maintaining Physical Stamina
103 Independent Sources for Jesus’ Burial and Empty Tomb
102 A Aposta de Pascal e a Crença em Deus
101 Wes Morriston on Divine Creation
100 Richard Carrier’s Pre-Debate Comments
99 O Corpo da Ressurreição de Cristo
98 Historical Facts pertinent to Jesus’ Resurrection
97 Scepticism Quebecois
96 Logical Truth and Omnipotence
95 Violence and Christian Conscience
94 Classifying Immaterial Objects
93 Connection between the Moral and Cosmological Arguments
92 Dating Advice for Hermaphrodites
91 Dawkins’ Critique of the Ontological Argument
90 Jesus e a Mitologia Pagã
89 O NeoMolinismo de Gregory Boyd
88 O Julgamento de Deus e os Criacionistas da Terra Jovem
87 Pets in Heaven?: A Eulogy
86 Knowledge of the Fate of the Damned
85 Four Questions to Make your Brain Hurt
84 Scepticism about Neo-Darwinism Re-Visited
83 Dois Doutorados
82 Scepticism about the Neo-Darwinian Paradigm
81 Fictionalism and the Two Natures of Christ
80 J. Brian Pitts on the Kalam Cosmological Argument
79 Molinism and Romans 9
78 Your Personal Testimony
77 Middle Knowledge and Christian Particularism
76 Pastors Need Apologetics, Too
75 Monotheletism
74 CERN Probes Big Bang
73 Could Christ Have Sinned?
72 Os Ateus Perderam a Cabeça?
71 Special Relativity and the Twin Paradox
70 Youtube Takes Out the Cosmological Argument!
69 Qualms about the Resurrection of Jesus
68 The Witness of the Holy Spirit
67 Do We Live in a Post-Modern Society?
66 Christianity Today Article and God’s Personhood
65 Christianity Today Article
64 Dawkins’ “Central Argument” Once More
63 Probability of Fine-Tuning
62 Sandy Tiffan Ackerman
61 Abortion and Presidential Politics
60 Counting Down from Infinity
59 Aseity, Fictionalism, and Moral Values
58 Jesus the Son of God
57 Cristãos Homossexuais?
56 Freedom and the Ability to Choose Evil
55 Do the Damned in Hell Accrue Further Punishment?
54 Hilbert and Kalam
53 Ensinando a Teoria da Evolução
52 Prioridades e Produtividade
51 The Ontological Argument
50 Belief in Jesus’ Resurrection Derived from the OT?
49 On the Argument for Design from Fine-Tuning
48 Contemporary Cosmology and the Beginning of the Universe
47 Can People in Heaven Sin
46 The Euthyphro Dilemma Once More
45 On an Argument for the Empty Tomb
44 O Dilema de Eutifron
43 Time and Relativity Theory
42 God and Neuro-Science
41 A Struggling Son
40 Stuart Hackett
39 Current Work on God and Abstract Objects
38 Middle Knowledge and Free Will
37 God and Timelessness
36 Our Grasp of Objective Moral Values
35 Bradley on Hell
34 Why Does God Permit Suffering to Continue?
33 Deus e o Monstro do Espaguete Voador
32 Apatheism
31 Swinburne on the Kalam Cosmological Argument
30 Counterfeit Claims of the Spirit’s Witness
29 Dealing with Doubt
28 “Must an Atheist Be Omniscient?” Re-Visited
27 Is God the Father Causally Prior to the Son?
26 O Que é Fé Racional?
25 Argument from Contingency
24 Creation and Time
23 Questões Sobre Conhecimento Médio
22 Must the Atheist Be Omniscient?
21 Hinduism and Morality
20 O Argumento Kalam e Múltiplas Causas Para o Universo
19 Marrying a Non-Christian
18 Dale Allison on the Resurrection of Jesus
17 Objeção de Dan Barker ao Argumento Cosmológico Kalam
16 A Matança dos Cananitas
15 Inerrância Bíblica e Ressurreição
14 Multiverse and the Design Argument
13 Leaping Lessing’s Ugly, Broad Ditch
12 Forming an Actual Infinite by Successive Addition
11 What Price Biblical Errancy?
10 Estabelecendo a Confiabilidade dos Evangelhos
9 Causal Premiss of the Kalam Argument
8 Molinism, the Unevangelized, and Cultural Chauvinism
7 Deus, Tempo e a Criação
6 Definição de Ateísmo
5 A Diferença entre Mundos Possíveis e Mundos Viáveis
4 Doubts about Christianity
3 How Can God Be the Ground of Morality?
2 Supposed Discovery of Jesus’ Family Tomb
1 O argumento Ateísta de Richard Dawkins em “Deus, um Delírio”

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